There’s nothing quite like celebrating Mid- Autumn Festival the way we did as children: At the void deck with sparklers, brightly lit lanterns, and mooncakes. Now, you can also let Fido in on the fun with these irresistible pet-friendly versions of the festival snack, from local pet bakery Feed My Paws.

Did you know?
The Mid-Autumn Festival celebration originates from the mythical story of the moon goddess, Chang’e. After swallowing the elixir of immortality, she decided to live on the moon so she could continue to be near to and watch over her husband, Hou Yi. Accompanying her for eternity is her furkid, the Jade Rabbit.

Get together
It's a tradition to visit your parents for a family gathering and reunion on the 15th of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar. We went back to the neighbourhood we grew up in, and spent some quality time with those who matter—our furkid included. He didn’t understand the festivity, but he certainly enjoyed all the extra love and attention.

It’s said that the way into a dog’s heart is through their greedy little tummies! Our “weapons” of choice were these doggy mooncakes by Feed My
Paws (price unavailable). The snow skin is made of naturally coloured potato, and the fillings are available in four flavours: Mao Shan Wang durian
(rainbow-coloured), cheese (yellow), tuna (green), and pork or beef (not pictured).

Never let anyone tell you you’re too old to ti deng long (carry lanterns). We chose the traditional cellophane ones for nostalgia’s sake, but if your furkid is afraid of candles or you are worried about having an open flame near him, you can always opt for modern ones that have mini light bulbs instead.