Cherie Ter, 28, Business Development Manager

  • Biru, 3, Toy Poodle (Apricot)
  • Kuro, 2, Papillon-toy Poodle Cross (Silver)
  • Silky Boy, Silky Terrier (Jan 1998 – Jan 2010)

Cherie’s late family dog Silky Boy holds a very special place in her heart: He was her first furkid, and her first tattoo was a portrait of him. Although her mum was the pooch’s “mummy” (his main caregiver), Cherie shared a deep bond with him. “I was the jie jie he went to whenever he wanted to play,” she reminisces. Naturally, when the Silky Terrier passed away in 2010, Cherie was crushed. “Silky Boy’s death caused me a lot of heartache and pain, so for closure and in memory of him, I decided to get a tattoo of him,” she recalls. She chose the back of her shoulder as the spot for the tribute: “He was very fierce and used to scare the hell out of people when he was around, so I put him there to watch over me and make sure nobody stabs me in the back!” explains the 28-year-old with a chuckle. 

Cherie currently owns two furballs Biru and Kuro. Don’t accuse her of playing favourites though. In 2012, shortly after she adopted Kuro (the younger of the two), Cherie got an origami Poodle tattoo on her thigh to symbolise her love for them. “My two girls are like my kids now. My mum got promoted to grandma!” she shares. In fact, she and her fiance are so close to the dogs that they share their bed with them, and refer to themselves as the “mummy” and “daddy” of Biru and Kuro.

Most people get paintings or figurines in the image of their pets. Why did you decide on tattoos?
Silky Boy was a precious part of my life. Hence, I found it apt to put a part of him on me as a memory. I do have a painting of him as well, but all these objects are just left in the house and will collect dust over time.

What’s the most memorable remark anyone has made about your tattoo(s)?
When I first got the tattoo of Silky Boy, my mum said that it looked a lot like him and she actually teared up while stroking it. That meant a lot to me.

If you keep getting more pets, will you also keep getting more tattoos?
I guess so! (laughs)


This is an excerpt from an article in our People & their Pets column. For the full story, flip to pg 46 of our Oct-Nov 2016 issue!