Table Manners
With his tummy filled, Santa is more likely to overlook Fido’s naughtiness and put him on the ‘nice’ list! Leave some delicious milk and cookies on your dining table, and have Fido pose with the supper set-up before going to bed. Tip: If you know that your very own furry Santa will be the one stealing the midnight snacks, make sure to only use pet-safe milk and cookies.

Cherished Companions
It’s the season of gratitude, and each time we reflect on what we’re most thankful for, we think of our beloved furkids. So while we don't encourage giving pets away for any occasion, go ahead and sit your pets in a box as a photo reminder that they are the greatest gift in your life.

For more cute Christmas photo ideas for your furkids, flip to Pet Trends (pg 12) in our Dec 2016-Jan 2017 issue!