When Josephine Ng, 27, owner of 7 Paws—a business offering pet grooming and pet sitting services—first met Ranna in July this year, the pup was splayed on the ground with limbs flailing, unable to sit up or even support his own head. “He was essentially ‘swimming’ on the spot, and his head was constantly wobbling. He would sometimes face-plant into the water bowl,” shares Josephine.

Estimated to be around six to eight months old at the time, the Golden Retriever puppy’s origins are vague.

Josephine learnt of Ranna’s plight when a friend called to tell her about a Golden Retriever pup with a serious neurological disorder that had been left at a vet clinic by his owner or breeder who wanted to give him up because he couldn’t walk even after 15 days of treatment at the clinic. It was said that the pooch might be put to sleep if no one adopted him.

A heart for hounds
Josephine has long had a reputation among friends for being a passionate dog lover. When she started 7 Paws in 2013, it was first and foremost to provide a temporary sanctuary for rescued strays while finding forever homes for them.

“The shop name is derived from a litter of seven stray puppies I had rescued then. Our rescues need at least 300kg of food monthly, so we figured that setting up a shop would help us get better priced pet supplies. To sustain 7 Paws, we offer retail, doggy daycare and grooming services. I haven’t drawn a salary since the business started and I still don’t,” shares Josephine.

As the paw-rent of a senior Maltese and foster paw-rent to a number of Singapore Specials, Josephine had no plans to adopt another furkid when she received a call from a friend regarding Ranna.

“I had and still have too many dogs! And I usually take in mongrels because they are the least wanted. When I got the call, I thought I’d just go and take a look to see how I could help, but I ended up paying $1,000 for whatever treatments had been administered to Ranna and bringing him to another vet for a second opinion. I was told that he may not have long to live, so I just wanted to give him a happy, loving environment for as long as possible,” she shares.

This is an excerpt from an article in our Unbreakable Bonds column. For the full story, flip to pg 48 of our Dec 2016-Jan 2017 issue!