Our criteria

  • Were the spa/grooming facilities up to scratch?

  • How did your dog’s skin and coat feel and smell after treatment? 

  • Was your furkid calmer post-treatment? 


27B Loewen Road. Tel: 6471 1689.
Price: $80 to $120
Duration: 45 minutes

What’s spa-cial: Designed to calm your pooch and improve the condition of his skin and coat, this treatment begins with Les Poochs Vitamin Enrich Conditioning Shampoo, which is made with premium ingredients from the South of France. His teeth will be brushed as well. Thereafter, Fido is pampered with a warm, soothing massage using an antioxidant-rich mud and a CO2 microbubble bath that deep-cleanses skin to remove dead skin cells, excess sebum and bacteria. Finally, a vitamin-enriched conditioner is applied and then rinsed off.

Verdict: The grooming area where the spa treatment was administered was spacious, modern, and clean. Our tester emerged from the treatment tangle-free and fluffier than usual. Her fur was irresistibly soft and although she retained a strong scent of the products used, it was pleasant and not overpowering. We liked that the salon gave video updates of our tester during the spa session. (Score: 4.5/5)


163 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, #01-408. Tel: 8503 7553.
Price: From $45
Duration: 1 hour

What’s spa-cial: ‚ÄčNature’s Specialties Hypo Aloe Genic Pet Shampoo—formulated with a blend of vitamins and conditioners—is first used to gently cleanse and nourish skin. Subsequently, a nano grooming spa tab is placed into the purifying filter anion spa shower head prior to rinsing. The shower head filters out impurities from the water like heavy metals and chlorine, while the tab deep-cleanses pores, removes grease, and boosts blood circulation. The entire body is rinsed for 15 minutes to emulate the effects of a Jacuzzi. Fido then receives a 10-minute body massage and another 15-minute massage with Espree’s Dead Sea Mineral Mudbath before he receives a final rinse. The treatment concludes with blow-drying and brushing. 

Verdict: Although the salon wasn’t big, the grooming area was relatively clean. Our tester’s fur felt softer and smoother immediately post-treatment, and her coat texture remained as such for the following two days. As the price includes bath and blow-dry, it’s great value. (Score: 4/5)

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