Wish you could bring your furkid along on holidays, or have him/her by your side forever? Your prayers have been answered by Cuddle Clones. Well, sorta.

The Kentucky-based company offers paw-rents the service of creating stuffed replicas of their furkids. For the most realistic results, it's best to provide Cuddle Clones with multiple photos of your furry pal. You're also allowed to specify details such as the breed of your pet; ear, mouth and tail positions; eye colour; weight; distinguishing features such as unique markings; as well as whether you'd like the plushie to be standing, sitting, or lying down. 

For the most accurate interpretation possible, skilled artisans choose from hundreds of synthetic fabrics to find the exact match for your pet. Water-based airbrushing techniques are also applied for added precision. Although replicas of most pets aren't life-sized, you can enquire for a price estimate of a life-sized version. 

The Cuddle Clones plush retails at US$249 (S$354.15) for dogs, cats, and other large furkids, and US$179 (S$254.60) for pocket pets like rabbits and guinea pigs. Shipping costs US$53 (S$75.50; shipping charges may vary). Find out more at www.cuddleclones.com.

To know more about Cuddle Clones, flip to The In Thing (pg 11) of our Apr/May 2017 issue!