Our criteria

° How easy is it to use?
° How well does the product manage Fido’s odour? 
° How strong/subtle is the scent? 

1. Yu Oriental Natural Herbs Dry Clean Spray Peony Anti-Bacterial Formula
from www.kohepets.com.sg
Price: $17.50

How it works: Designed to deliver strong odour control, the key ingredient in this cleaning spray is peony extract, which helps to control bacteria. It also has skin-soothing witch hazel and allantoin. Avoiding your pup's face, spritz on your furkid’s coat and paws. Rub with a dry towel after application.  

Verdict: Effective in masking funky odours, the powdery scent was obvious but not overwhelming. The petite bottle is great on the go and the cap-free, lockable nozzle dispenses a fine, even mist. 

Score: 4/5

2. Murchison-Hume Between Clean Waterless Wash
from TANGS VivoCity
Price: $24

How it works: The ingredients in this eco-friendly spray are all naturally derived. Formulated with coconut-based surfactants and scented with only natural essential oils like rosemary and lemongrass oils, it helps to neutralise odours and repel ticks and fleas. Spritz on a towel or dry cloth and wipe Fido from head to tail, in the direction of his coat. 

Verdict: Emitting a strong scent of lemongrass, this spray is designed to be spritzed on a cloth before application. It required a considerable amount of product, but did a decent job of tackling odour. However, it was less effective than we would’ve liked on stubborn stinky spots. 

Score: 3.5/5

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