In efforts to curb the dumping of unwanted pets, the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) has implemented stricter rules for pet businesses and pet owners. Pet businesses are required to make sure that all the dogs intended for sale are licensed by the AVA before they are sold. This will help businesses keep track of their sources, which are important for disease control.

To ensure the traceability of the animals, pet businesses will have to transfer the ownership of these dogs to their new owners upon a sale. The transfer can be done via AVA’s online portal, the Pet Animal Licensing System (PALS). To make it more convenient for dog farms and pet stores to comply with these new requirements, multiple dogs can be registered under a single dog license. The requirements do not extend to shelters, though many already ensure adopted dogs are licensed. 

Cathy Strong, the co-founder of Animal Lovers League, agrees that more stringent rules have to be in place when it comes to pet ownership. She adds that not all pet shops microchip their animals, which makes it difficult to tell if a stray has been abandoned, or is simply lost. 

The new regulations also apply to individual dog owners who sell or give their dogs away. These owners will have to inform AVA of this change in ownership and provide authorities with particulars of the dog’s new owners. 

To read more about AVA's new regulations for pet businesses and owners, flip to Paw Prints (pg 24) of our Apr-May 2017 issue!