While studies have shown that kids spend an unhealthy amount of time on their parents’ iPads, you don’t have to worry about the same happening with your furkid. Although there are now apps available for pets, it’s highly unlikely that Fido or Puss will pick swiping (or licking) an iPad over a romp in the park or chasing a bug.

That said, the iPad is a lifesaver in wet weather. Instead of sleeping through a rainy day with your furkid, why not keep him entertained and stimulated with some interactive apps for pets? 

Besides being able to do it within the cosy confines of your home, it’s really amusing (and possibly hilarious) to watch your furry one go to town on your iPad!

(iOS and Google Play Store, Free)

More for obsessed paw-rents than Fido or Puss, Barkcam is a camera app that offers similar functions to what you would find in most camera or photo editing apps, but with an added feature designed to draw your furkid’s attention. You can choose from different sounds such as cat meows, dog toys, and even the rustling sound of a bag of treats—tapping the shutter triggers the sound. Once your pet looks in your direction, quickly snap his adorable mug and jazz it up with filters, stickers, text and even speech bubbles before sharing it on Instagram or Facebook.

(iOS and Google Play Store, Free)

If you’ve watched videos of cats chasing after light from a laser pointer, you’ll understand the draw of this app for Puss. Inciting your kitty to chase a red dot that looks like laser light, the display and game design boasts contrasting hues and swift movements that will drive her nuts. In addition to this laser game, there are other options like Cat Fishing and JitterBug to choose from. Cat Fishing tests Puss’ ability to catch as many fishes as she can, with the game becoming increasingly challenging with every stage that she passes. Jitterbug, on the other hand, tests the swiftness of your kitty’s paws by having her catch as many bugs within 15 seconds. Be sure to protect your iPad from your cat’s claws with a screen protector and hardy case.

For more interactive apps for your furkid, turn to Together Time (pg 62) of our Apr-May 2017 issue!