Our criteria

  • How comfortable is the grip?
  • How easily does it remove mats, dead hair, and dirt?
  • How shiny and fluffy is Fido’s coat after brushing?

1. Mikki A Good Hair Day Easy Clean Slicker—Extra Small
from Rein Biotech
Price: $19.30

Features: Designed with an ergonomic handle and curved back that enhance handling when brushing, the highlight of this slicker is its easy clean feature. The slightly angled stainless steel pins can be retracted at a push of a button for easy removal of loose hair from the brush.

Verdict: Comfortable to hold and handle, the brush’s flexible pins eased through Bella's curls and Piper's fine coat. However, some effort was required to coax out larger knots. Their fur was smoother and more voluminous postgrooming, and we loved that it was a breeze to clean—just a push of the button at the back of the brush head and all the loose strands could be easily removed. As the pins are relatively soft, this brush works best on fine, medium-length coats. Coarse fur or heavy undercoats will require brushes with firmer pins.

Score: 4/5

2. Doggyman Honey Smile Square Slicker Brush—Small
from www.kohepets.com.sg
Price: $18

Features: Mounted on a rubber cushion, the angled stainless steel pins on this brush are of two varying lengths—the longer pins have ball tips to prevent
accidental scratching of your pet’s skin. It’s designed with a non-slip handle for better grip, and comes packaged with a small comb as well.

Verdict: Neither too soft nor too stiff, the pins on this brush have just the right level of firmness to remove matted hair without being abrasive. The ball tips also
made us feel more at ease when brushing the dogs, particularly Piper as her thin skin scratches easily. The instructions on the packaging are in Japanese, so we
weren’t certain what the accompanying comb was meant for. But it worked wonders with removing loose hair from the brush when we ran the comb through the pins. Both pooches felt soft and looked fluffy after brushing.

Score: 4.5/5

For more slicker brush reviews, turn to Tried & Tested (pg 30) of our Jun/Jul 2017 issue!