Our criteria

  • How absorbent is the pee pad?
  • How well does it control odour?
  • How often does it need to be changed?

1. Honey Care U-Play Lavender Pee Pad
from www.doggyfriend.com
Price: $29.90 for 24 pieces (60cm X 90cm)

Features: Attached to a lilac-hued waterproof plastic base, the white absorbent side is adorned with a purple floral print to indicate that the pee pad has a lavender fragrance.

Verdict: Exuding a fairly strong lavender scent, Happy spent a good 30 seconds sniffing the pee pad before urinating on it. Constructed with fairly thick padding, it took 27 seconds for the pee to be completely absorbed. One sheet could hold up to six wettings, and needed to be changed only after about 20 hours. Although pricey, this brand boasts a fast absorption rate, high fluid capacity, and effective odour control. It's even able to handle the large volumes of pee produced by medium- and large-sized hounds without leaking. Although a pleasant touch, the lavender scent dissipated within a few hours.

Score: 4.5/5

2. Absorb Plus Antibacterial Pet Sheets
from www.perromart.com
Price: $14.90 for 25 pieces (60cm X 90cm)

Features: Made of eco-friendly materials, this antibacterial pee pad has a polymer core that turns liquid into gel instantly to prevent tracking and adhesive tape on the four corners of the base. It's also infused with activated charcoal and bamboo to minimise odours.

Verdict: Each sheet took 45 seconds to completely absorb Happy's pee and could hold up to five wettings. Plus, it lasted an entire day without emitting any odours. A cost-effective option, this pee pad allows paw-rents to refresh their pups' toileting area more frequently.

Score: 3.5/5

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