We live in a world that allows us to stay connected to one another, so why shouldn't we be constantly tuned in to our beloved furkid's day? With KYON's GPS pet collar, you'll know where your pooch is at all times. It even claims to be able to let you know how Fido might be feeling.

It boasts a slew of features, including a GPS tracker, activity sensor, and overheating and drowning alerts. If your pup ventures beyond 91m of the base station (which is also used for charging), you'll get a notification on your smartphone and the words 'I'm lost', along with your contact number, will appear on the collar's LED display. It can even determine the altitude of the collar's location, so you know which floor of a high-rise building he may be on.

Sensors on the collar can detect if your canine falls into a body of water, or if his body temperature is too cold or too hot—perfect in Singapore's sweltering climes—and send alerts to your mobile phone so you can swoop to the rescue. It also lets you know if your pet is barking excessively, or if his activity level is abnormally high or low.

Made of sturdy thermoplastic elastomer, the ultra-slim collar comes with a rechargable battery that can last a whopping 30 days. You can also save important reminders like vet appointments, and even when to walk Fido. KYON fits furkids weighing more than 3.2kg with necklines measuring 24cm to 50cm, and is available in seven attractive colours.

The KYON pet tracker costs US$249 (S$343.79), but an additional US$4.99 (S$6.89) a month is required as a service fee. The service fee covers the cellular network cost that allows owners to locate a pet in real time in more than 160 countries. Shipping charges vary. Find out more at www.kyontracker.com.

To know more about the KYON pet tracker, flip to The In Thing (pg 11 ) of our Aug/Sept 2017 issue!