For a gift that keeps on giving (to Puss), get Jackson Galaxy's Vault Toy Marinater. This simple yet clever contraption infuses kitty's toys with the scent of catnip sans the mess.

Essentially a plastic box with latches at the side, the vault has two perforated sleeves on either side to contain loose catnip leaves. Place a few of Puss' favourite toys—they can be made of sisal, plush, feathers, and even rubber—in the wide centre compartment, seal the container, and let them soak up the catnip flavour.

The Vault Toy Marinater not only spices up your furkid's regular playthings, it also refreshes his old catnip toys so you don't have to keep replenishing them when the scent dissipates.

You can use the vault as storage for kitty's toys, so you'll always have catnip-infused toys on hand. But if you're marinating a toy for the first time, let it stew in the vault at least overnight for optimal kitty bliss.

The Jackson Galaxy Vault Toy Marinater retails at US$19.99 (S$27.32) for the original size and US$11.99 (S$16.39) for the smaller size. Shipping charges vary. Find out more at

To know more about Jackson Galaxy's Vault Toy Marinater, flip to The In Thing (pg 11) of our Dec 2017/Jan 2018 issue!