• Adeline Wang, 26, Bank investigation officer
  • Jarrod Scott Tan, 26, Auditor
  • Ally, 11, Yorkshire-Schnauzer cross
  • Snowy, 4, Bichon Frise

For this couple, their furkids are more than just pets—they’re fur-mily. When asked if they saw their pets as their children, Adeline Wang chortled instantly: “Totally.” That’s why when they were tasked to plan their wedding in early 2016, they knew without a doubt that they had to include Ally and Snowy.

In fact, Snowy only came about because of Ally, the 11-year-old Yorkshire-Schnauzer cross. “We had only been dating a year when Adeline asked me to take care of Ally when she and her family went to Australia for a holiday,” shares Jarrod Tan. The then 22-year-old student and his family had such a paw-sitive experience with the excitable Ally that at the end of the 10-day stay, they were encouraged to get a pooch of their own. That was how Jarrod’s mum eventually brought Snowy the Bichon Frise puppy home.

Throughout the next four years of their relationship, the pooches played an active role in the couple’s budding romance. As the more experienced paw-rent, Adeline would guide Jarrod and his family on how to take care of the then-puppy. They’d bring the pooches out for play dates and watch as Ally showed Snowy the ropes,
from sniffing the pavement, to walking on leash, and even to pooping and peeing outside for the first time. Being a new paw-rent also showed Adeline a different side of Jarrod. “He has a much gentler side to him when it comes to animals,” says Adeline with a smile.

It was a natural and undisputed decision to include their pups in their wedding, which happened last November. “Both our pets have given us laughter and memories over the years, just like a family member,” says Adeline. From having their two furry faces sketched and stamped on wedding invitation cards, to being the flower girls that walked down the aisle during the first walk-in, it’s safe to say the two furballs received as much attention as the actual couple—almost as if they were the ones getting married. Adeline shares more.

How important was it that your partner liked animals or got along with your furkid?
Having a partner who is also an animal lover is like a bonus in a relationship, as I always felt that he would have this unspoken kindness and patience in his character and he would treat me like that too. (laughs)

Was it hard to plan the wedding?
We had already decided we wanted our dogs to be with us during our wedding ceremony’s walk-in, so we had to hunt for a pet-friendly hotel, which is very limited
in Singapore. When I casually enquired on the availability of the hotels more than one-and-a-half years before our chosen date—thinking I still had plenty of time—I ended up having only two dog-friendly hotels to choose from. The rest were fully booked! Thank goodness the banquet manager at Regent Hotel Singapore was prompt and was available that very evening.

How did the wedding go?
It was extremely fun to have the two girls there. Our guests were quite surprised to see them; the girls got their pictures taken and received lots of free pets. We made sure to include them in the tea ceremony as well as the first walk-in.

This is an excerpt from our People and their Pets column. Flip to pg 50 of our Feb/Mar 18 issue to read more!