Our criteria

  • How absorbent is it?
  • How well does it manage odour?
  • Does it clump easily?
  • How much does it track?
  • Every time Puss eliminates, how much (or little) is needed to top up the litter box?

1. Fussie Cat Natural Charcoal Paper Litter
from mobyspetshop.com
Price: $14.30 for 7 litres

Features: Infused with charcoal for improved odour control, the pellets in this litter are made of paper, which is non-abrasive and gentle on paws. Biodegradable, non-toxic, dust-free and flushable in small amounts, the heat-sterilised natural fibres neutralise ammonia odours quickly while preventing the growth of bacteria, mould and fungus.

Verdict: The litter is highly absorbent, so only a small clump needed to be removed each time Mimi peed. The pellets even clung to poop, so there was little to no odour regardless of whether she was doing a number one or two. Even when wet, the litter did not stick to the box or to her fur and paws. Hence, there was no tracking at all. As the litter box didn’t smell, we only had to change her litter once a day in the morning. It’s a great option for enclosed areas.

Score: 4.5/5

2. Cherie Clumping Unscented Natural Wood Cat Litter
from kohepets.com.sg
Price: $24 for 4.3kg

Features: Able to absorb up to four times its own weight in liquid, this litter is made with 100 percent sustainably sourced virgin timber. The compressed wood pellets boast rounded edges that are more comfortable for Puss to step on. Dust-free and eco-friendly, the litter is ideal for allergy-prone paw-rents.

Verdict: Exuding a faint woody scent akin to pencil shavings, this litter does an amazing job of masking pee and poop odours. The clumps formed were hard and dry, so they were easy to dispose of and there was minimal wastage. The litter lasted two weeks without smelling foul, making this a fairly economical option. It tracks slightly, so slip a mat in front of the litter box.

Score: 4/5

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