Cats are notoriously hard to read—the same can be said of their health as they're masters at hiding signs of sickness. While this "skill" keeps Puss safe in the wild, it makes it challenging for cat paw-rents to detect serious feline health conditions early. The Tailio device is a game changer.

Designed to be placed beneath any litter box, Tailio gathers data on Puss' weight, his waste, how frequently he visits his litter box, and his toileting patterns.
The information is then passed through an analytics system that learns your pet's profile, taking note of details such as weight trends and litter box behavior, and flagging anything abnormal—such as a marked decrease or increase in toilet visits—to you via a mobile app. The app also allows you to set litter box-cleaning reminders.

Tailio retails at US$249 (S$329) and is available in black and white. Shipping charges vary. Find out more at

To read more about the Tailio, flip to The In Thing (pg 11) of our Apr/May 2018 issue!