Our criteria

  • How comfortable and safe is it for my pet?
  • Is it sturdy and ergonomic?
  • Is it easy to carry around?
  • How many openings does it have?

1. Meloni Coco Tutti Sora Pet Carrier (left)
from furrplay.com
Price: $260

Features: With three linear sleeves lining the front of the bag and two hidden pockets, this faux leather bag boasts a water-resistant nylon lining and two mesh zipped panels: one on the top and another on the side of the bag. Made in Korea and measuring 38cm by 25cm by 15cm, this carrier comes with a detachable padded shoulder strap and can fit pets up to 4kg.

Verdict: Although the priciest of the four, this pet carrier was very sturdy and using it was a hassle-free experience. The padded shoulder strap offered extra comfort when carrying heavy furkids and the meshed panels were smooth to the touch. Bobby was initially disturbed by the strong faux leather smell, but he quickly got comfortable in the bag because it was padded and smooth on the inside. The carrier is so chic—it came with a dust bag—that we even considered this for personal use!

Score : 4/5

2. Petcomer Trolley Backpack Pet Carrier (right)
from kohepets.com.sg
Price: $81.50

Features: Sporting a large mesh zipped opening and breathable netting on three sides, this versatile carrier functions as a backpack and trolley, and can fit furkids up to 9kg. With a soft frame, an adjustable telescopic handle and water-resistant PVC coating, this polyester bag comes with padded shoulder straps. It measures 36cm by 30cm by 49cm.

Verdict: Lightweight and easy to use, this carrier was ergonomic and sturdy, thanks to its firm back and base. The big mesh opening, which was divided into a top and bottom panel by separate zips, was suitable for felines as it provided access to the lower partition without having to unzip the entire "door". However, the trolley had problems standing on its own because it only has two wheels at the base.

Score: 3.5/5

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