Corn On The Cob.Wikimedia


Our pooches enjoy chewing on corn cobs just as much as we do! The crunchiness and natural sweetness make it super fun and yummy, but there’s a danger in having too much.  

Corn kernels are generally not toxic or harmful for a dog, and can even be great as a healthy snack. They contain essential fatty acids, protein and natural antioxidants that are beneficial for both paw-rents and furkids. Scraping some kernels off the cob for your pooch is not a problem, as the kernels are safe and digestible.

While some sensitive pups may develop allergies to corn (causing symptoms like hives, red, itchy skin and intestinal trouble), corn is not a common allergen. In fact, according to a study, it was found that corn was responsible for less than two per cent of all of the allergies in canines!

The most important thing to note is that you should not feed your dog the cob itself, as it’s difficult to digest and he may not be able to pass it out. Once ingested, the cob may get stuck somewhere within his digestive tract, and thus cause partial or complete intestinal obstruction.

This will result in a lot of pain for the dog, and he may have to get the cob surgically removed.

The chances of the cob passing through in large dogs are low, and the chances for medium and small dogs are even lower. Should Fido happen to consume the cob, do look out for warning signs such as vomiting, straining while pooping, loss of appetite, stomach pains, whimpering, and restlessness, and take him to your vet immediately.

*This article was updated on 5 Oct 2020. It first appeared in on 13 July 2016.