When a pet is considered part of the family, it often gets treated with the same amount of love, attention, and affection that a person would receive.  This desire to include pets in family activities extends to the dinner table as well. It can be hard to resist your dog’s pleading eyes as you sit and enjoy your meal, but you may worry about what foods are safe to feed your dog. The next time Fido is staring longingly at your plate, go ahead and give him a few of these foods that have been verified as safe for dogs to eat.


1.  Rice

Rice is commonly used as a filler in dog foods, so it is safe to give your dog a few bites of rice off of your plate.  You should, however, be careful not to feed your dog rice that contains onion or garlic, as these foods can be dangerous for dogs to consume.

2.  Cooked eggs

Boiled or scrambled eggs are healthy treats for dogs because of their vitamin and protein content.  It is important that eggs are fully cooked, because raw eggs contain an enzyme that can reduce the dog’s ability to absorb certain B vitamins.  Additionally, they may also make your dog sick due to salmonella.

3.  Carrots

Most dogs love carrots, and they are great snacks for your pet.  They are low calorie foods, and are generally safe to feed healthy dogs.  Carrots may be raw or cooked, depending on your dog’s individual preference.

4.  Cheese

Cheese is another great source of protein for dogs, and many canines love the texture.  However, like humans, some dogs may experience a sensitivity to too much dairy.  When feeding your dog cheese, start out with a small amount and monitor your pet for a dairy sensitivity.

5.  Peanut butter

Although many humans have a peanut allergy, dogs do not seem have a similar reaction.  It is safe to feed peanut butter to a dog, and most dogs consider it a special treat.  Due to the high fat content of peanut butter, dog owners should limit the amount of peanut butter that they feed their dogs to ensure that they eat other foods as a part of a balanced diet.

6.  Berries

As a special treat, many dogs love chilled or frozen berries.  From blackberries to raspberries, dogs can safely eat small amounts of these sweet fruits.  They are actually healthy for dogs to consume, because just like humans, canines benefit these antioxidant rich foods.

7.  Chicken

Chicken is a great table food treat for dogs, and most dogs will gobble down a serving of chicken faster than they will other treats.  This nutritious meat is a great source of protein, and as long as oils and spices are limited, it is safe to give your dog cooked chicken.

8.  Green beans

Just like carrots are good snacks for dogs, green beans are a great option as well.  As long as the salt content is limited, some veterinarians actually that recommend dog owners feed their obese dogs green beans because they are filling and relatively low in calories.

9.  Seedless watermelon

A nice, cool slice of watermelon is a favorite summertime treat for people, and your dog can take part in the pleasure as well.  Dogs love the sweet taste of a juicy watermelon, and the fruit’s water content can help rehydrate your pet in the hot summer weather.  Just be sure that you remove all seeds from the fruit before giving your dog a taste, because they can cause intestinal blockage.

10.  Bananas

The next time you run out of dog food and your pet needs a quick snack, reach for a banana.  Bananas are safe for dogs to eat, and just like berries, they will benefit from the nutrients in these fruits.

Although people may be tempted to serve their dogs a helping of whatever is on their dinner plate, some foods should not be offered to dogs because they can cause a variety of health problems.  However, when monitored closely, certain table foods are safe to feed your pet and offer a nice break from the standard commercially processed dog food fare.


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