Delicious droid
Just as BB-8 was a trusty assistant to Resistance X-wing fighter pilot Poe, he'll become Fido's best bud. Craft your own little BB-8 treat dispenser out of styrofoam balls and coloured markers, and cut a little hole at the bottom to make room for your furkid's favourite snack.

Tip: Join the two parts with small toothpicks, and only allow your pooch to play with it under supervision.

Attack of the munchies
Nope, there's no clone army here—just Fido and his hungry friends. Satisfy your furry guests with these Star Wars-inspired doggy snacks. Turn sticks of jerky into beaming lightsabers by coating them in coloured yoghurt; trap Hans Solo in carbonite by freezing him in blue jello; and pipe your favourite Star Wars characters
(using mashed potato frosting) over frozen peanut butter and banana pupcakes!

Tip: While food colouring is safe for pups in small amounts, you can also make your own all-natural dye out of fruits and vegetables, such as beet, spinach, blueberries, turmeric and cinnamon.

For more Star Wars Day paw-ty ideas for Fido and his furry friends, flip to Pet Trends (pg 12) of our Apr/May 2018 issue!