On the weekend of 2 to 4 September 2016, I12 Katong transformed into a pet-friendly mall and welcomed pets of all kinds, from pooches – big and small– to cats, as well as rabbits, hamsters, and even a tortoise. These were possibly the five most memorable moments of Paw Fest:

1. Invasion Of The Chow Chows

Four adorable Chow Chows drew the attention of paw-rents all over the mall when they took centre-stage for a photo opportunity. Fluffy, friendly and well-behaved, the furry quartet was a crowd-pleaser.

2. Doggy Sushi, So Oishi!

Crystle Tan from Feed My Paws taught doting dog owners to create these Japanese delicacies (one was even in the shape of Pikachu!) for their furkids. Dog-friendly ingredients like short-grain rice, edamame beans, corn, carrots, salt-free seaweed, salmon and tuna were used, and some paw-rents tried their hand at making sushi for their pooches.

3. Trainer Session

Remember how Maru the Frenchie initially refused to get into a box despite being lured with treats? Trainer Poh Wee Boon from The Positive Academy proved that with some perseverance, anything was possible. The adorable pooch had the crowd in stitches with his goofy antics before finally getting all four paws into the box. You go, Maru!

4. High Tea With Pooches

Although the weather was a tad gloomy at first, it didn't rain on our parade. Paw-rents picked up tips from Dr Paul Mitchell, a veterinarian from the Animal Recovery Veterinary Referral Centre, as well as dog trainer Poh Wee Boon from The Positive Academy.

From Thai fish cake to carrot cake, there was a wide variety of delicious finger foods for hungry paw-rents to nibble on.

5. Pet Massage


Amid the many dogs was this calm, gorgeous little feline that had been quietly relaxing at the SCENTsational pet massage booth. It was an adorable sight! Though of a different species, this manja fella didn’t seem to be fazed by the pooches and their random barks.

*This article was updated on 9 May 2021. It first appeared in PetsMagazine.com.sg on 8 Sept 2016.