The 5th edition of
Aniversity was unlike all the previous ones held: It was held virtually for the first time!

The annual pet education programme for children saw the SPCA, Pet Lovers Centre (PLC), Pet Lovers Junior Club (PLJC), and Loyal.D coming together on the subject of animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.

Registration for the online event was on a free-of-charge basis and saw close to 100 children signing up for the zoom talks and virtual tour. In total, more than half of the children showed up and participated in the hour-and-a-half line up of fun and educational activities. 

PLC gave a talk on the basic care for dogs, cats, and rabbits, focusing on nutrition, housing, exercise and good grooming and handling of pets. Loyal.D reached out to the youngsters on volunteering in shelters and the lifelong responsibilities that go hand-in-hand with pet ownership.

The SPCA focussed on the adoption of animals with videos of some success cases, like that of Flute, a paralyzed cat, that received his wheelchair and got adopted by a loving family. As a bonus, the children were treated to a virtual tour of its premises at Sungei Tengah Road.

For children participating in the event, goodie bags were waiting for collection at various PLC stores. Considered a success by all participants, the virtual Aniversity brought out the passion and, enthusiasm for animal welfare shared by all. 

The next PLJC activity is scheduled to take place in March 2021. 

• For updates and more details: Pet Lovers Junior Club