Local furniture start-up Minthe(d) launched a line of modern pet furniture – M.I.N.T Blocks: Pet Series on 24 March at Neko no Niwa among like-minded cat enthusiasts.

With an aim to support fellow pet owners in creating a home that is both fun and functional for their furry pals and themselves, the company presented a workshop at the launch event.

Titled “Understanding Cat Language through Interactive Workshops”, the event was attended by various influencers such as Adrian Ang, also known as Xiao Ming (co-founder of SGAG), Rachell Tan and Thenuga Vijakuma, President of the Cat Welfare Society.

Minthe(d) turned this product launch into an insightful sharing session by arranging cat-related workshops and dialogues hosted by Thenuga and the cafe’s owners.

Pet Series boasts a range of features to accommodate pets natural instincts. The set-ups are packed with components (sisal mats, sisal ropes, soft chenille cushions, toy balls, climbing holes etc.) to provide an all-in-one experience for
scratching, jumping, climbing and lounging.

In addition to the 12 Pet Series designs available, the company also provides customisation services to tailor set-ups according to individual needs. Co-founder Ray Kok, said: “We hope that with the Pet Series, households can see the value of inclusion of pets in the furniture space.”

Minthe(d) will be donating 10 percent of proceeds from the sale of the Pet Series to the Cat Welfare Society. 

Available at: https://www.minthed.co/shop
Priced from: $188 to $438