Where: The Grandstand

When: 29 March

Celebrations were in order as pets magazine turned eight this year. Hundreds of our readers and their dogs turned up for our pets Picnic Party at the Grandstand on 29 March. The participants had a great deal of fun sipping Somersby Ciders and munching on Dr Café Coffee sandwiches and cakes. Best of all, all the doggies were treated to a serving of Superdog Kitchen birthday tartlets and were also given Wellness pet food sponsored by Silversky. The good people from The Moving Body group were also present to conduct several demonstrations of pilates exercises throughout the event. Despite the intermittent rain, we’re beyond thankful for the support of our lovely readers and their adorable, cuddly dogs for showing up and celebrating eight wonderful years with us. Check out more pictures from the event at www.facebook.com/PETSmag.

See you again next year!