Taking a cab is part and parcel of living in Singapore, particularly for doting pet owners who need to ferry their furkids to the vet, dog park, and more. Hence, we asked paw-rents on Instagram and Facebook to share their experiences travelling on taxis with their pooches. The response was overwhelming! We’ve shortlisted a couple. 

“I tried calling for a cab to bring my dog to the vet, but according to the operator, none of the 10 taxis contacted wanted to take me. After 20 minutes, the operator finally managed to get a cab for me. But upon arrival, the driver remarked that I shouldn’t allow my dog on the car seat and suggested I place him in the boot instead. I was shocked at how cruel he was—treating a live animal like a dead body! I reprimanded him and told him that my dog was resting on a towel in a carrier, so there was no way my dog would “touch” his seat. He kept arguing with me and only kept quiet and drove me to the clinic after I offered to pay him an additional $10.” TRACY WEE

“I once called a cab and highlighted to the operator that I had a small dog on leash. Upon arrival, the female driver allowed us to board, but followed by asking if she could make a phone call. What she did next was appalling! She called the taxi headquarters right in front of me to complain that she didn't take pets and had included it in her profile with them. I would have simply hailed another cab had she told me that she didn’t take pets and that the operator hadn’t mentioned it to her. What she did was incredibly rude.” CLARABEL TAN


(img source: www.taxisingapore.com)


Find out how you can make your next taxi ride with Fido a painless, fuss-free affair.

• Call Ahead
When travelling with Fido, it’s always safer to make an advance booking for a taxi whenever possible and provide specifics such as the size of the dog and whether the animal will be on a leash or kept in a carrier. If you’re provided with the driver’s mobile number upon confirmation of the booking, it’s better to play safe by calling the driver to ensure that he’s really fine with ferrying an animal.

• Vehicle Etiquette
Taxi drivers spend all day within the confines of their taxi, so it’s understandable that cleanliness is of utmost importance to them. To minimise the chances of Fido having a potty accident in the vehicle, ensure he relieves himself before the ride.

Also, show consideration to the driver and the next passenger by bringing along a towel for Fido to sit or lie on during the ride. Nobody likes having their car reek of a smelly hound, so try to make sure your pooch is clean and relatively odourless before hopping on a cab.

• Polite Pooch
As paw-rents, you’d want your pet to be on his best behaviour, especially around strangers. Bring Fido for a walk before the ride to minimise any pent-up energy and reduce excitement. Also, keep your dog on a leash (or in a carrier if it is a small breed) so he does not run around the moving vehicle and scuff up the seats, or worse, distract the driver. If it helps, bring a chew toy to keep him occupied.

• A Little Extra
It’s not a must, but if you had a good experience on the ride, it doesn’t hurt to give the driver a tip. Your appreciation will encourage more cab drivers to pick up passengers with dogs in the future.

• Feedback & Alternatives
If after following all these tips, you still have a bad experience, provide constructive feedback to the cab company. Stick to the facts and don’t get emotional. Not everyone is an animal lover, so you need to respect the preferences of those who aren’t fond of dogs. Alternatively, there are pet-specific taxi services in Singapore that are guaranteed to give you and Fido a ride.