When they’re not busy heating up the race tracks, these famous F1 drivers are being paw-rents to some of the luckiest furkids in the world. Check out our list below to see if your favourite driver made the cut.

1. Lewis Hamilton

Lewis loves his pooches Roscoe and Coco so much so that he even created an Instagram account especially for them! Check them out here.

2. Felipe Massa

We’re not sure who’s more adorable—Felipe’s new pup Alvin, or his son Filipinho Massa. Either way, we’re totally in love!

3. Nico Rosber

We completely agree! There’s nothing quite like having a pooch as your best friend—who else is going to give us slobbery kisses whenever we return home from work?

4. Kimi Raikkonen

(Photo credits: icedrifter.tumblr.com)

A video by YouTube user, kimiisland, shows Kimi and his late pooch, Ajax playing outdoors. It is clear that these two had a very special bond and were the best of friends. Unfortunately, Ajax passed away in 2013, but we’re certain that he definitely enjoyed his lifetime here on earth.

5. Sebastian Vettel

(Photo credits: fansofsebvettel.tumblr.com)

We’re not sure why Sebastian’s pooch looks so confused here. If we were in the arms of a famous F1 driver, our tails would be wagging nonstop!