With Halloween coming around, many of us are have prepared costumes and candy for a spook-tacular evening of trick-and-treating. It’s even more fun with your pup in tow, but be sure to keep him safe. Here are five ways to keep him out of harm's way: 

1. Playing Dress-Up
As much as you love dressing up in elaborate costumes, your pooch may not feel the same way. However, if you do decide to play dress-up with your dog, always ensure that the costume is comfortable and lightweight, and doesn't restrict your pet's movements.

Also check that there aren’t any loose pieces that can be easily chewed off.

2. Keeping An Eye Out
When you open your doors to trick-or-treaters or hold a house party, always remember to keep a close watch on your furkid in case he accidentally slips out while you’re busy stuffing candies into the buckets or welcoming guests.

Make sure that he is wearing his collar and ID tag as well so the neighbours can call you if he wanders into their home.

3. Candies Are A No-No
Candy (especially chocolate) is toxic for all pooches as consuming small amounts may cause seizures, muscle tremors and vomiting. Larger doses can be fatal.

Keep all kinds of human candy away from your dog will keep some of his favourite treats handy so he won’t feel the need to beg or steal any from you.

4. Safety First
Keep all loose decorations, electrical cords, spider webs and streamers out of reach from your pup. If he starts chewing on them, it can lead to a pretty dire outcome.

Things like streamers and spider webs can end up blocking the intestines, while chewing on electrical cords can cause him to be electrocuted.

5. Getting Spooked
If you decide to take Fido out for a walk around the neighborhood while children are trick-or-treating, be sure to use a sturdy collar (or harness) and leash.

Be extra careful around unfamiliar children and adults, as the costumes and/or masks may frighten your pooch.

Wishing all a Spook-tacular time!

*This article was updated on 29 Jul 2020. It first appeared in PetsMagazine.com on 28 Oct 2016