The life of a pet parent is never a boring one; when you’re not busy trying to stop your pooch from eating table scraps, you could find yourself sprinting across your living room to prevent Puss from scratching on that brand new carpet that you bought.

Those of you with furry best friends at home, you might find these 10 situations and feelings very familiar:

1.  Puppy Dog Eyes

Probably one of the most persuasive and effective methods to ever exist, the puppy dog eyes work for almost everything. Whether it’s asking for more cuddles or more doggy-safe food, just a glance at pooch's adorable peepers is enough to make almost us weak at the knees.

2.  Lint Rollers

Especially for paw-rents who love wearing black–there’s nothing more embarrassing than going out in your best outfit that’s covered in dog or cat fur.

Lint rollers can be found everywhere in your home; the bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, and maybe even in your handbag.

3.  Furniture For Scratching Posts  

You probably thought that the new scratching post you bought for Puss would be enough to stop him from ‘attacking’ your couch. Like a lot of us, you were wrong.

Your home is cluttered with toys and scratching posts, but your finicky feline still prefers to file his nails on your beloved sofa.

4.  What Are You Chewing Now?

What’s that in your mouth? What are you eating? Your bone? An insect? Where did you get that? Those are just some thoughts that race through our minds as we chase our suddenly-super-agile furkids around the house.

5.  Do Not Disturb

There seems to be an unwritten rule about how paw-rents must not get up from bed or re-adjust themselves whenever our furkids are sleeping with us on the bed.

Doing so may cause disturbance to our furry friends’ precious sleep and we can’t let that happen!

6.  Cardboard Box  Is Best

What? Did you really think that Puss was going to hide in that expensive cat home that I broke the bank for? Obviously not. The cardboard box will always be his throne.  

7.   Quick Disappearing Act

Your pup may be a loyal follower of yours each time you get up to walk around the house, but when it is time to scrub-a-dub, he turns into Houdini.

Some call it magic, others call it bath time.  

8.  “Omg, I’m So Sorry!”

Hurting your pet by accident is probably one of the most awful feeling ever. We’d feel the worst kind of guilt ever – even if it were something as mild as dropping an empty plastic bottle on them.

Of course, the furkids will then exploit this and beg for extra cuddles and treats!

9.  Laptop Warmth

Cats love the warmth that your laptop emits. Once you switch it on and get comfy, it’s likely that you’ll notice an elated furball curling up on your lap (and keyboard).

10.  Love Conquers All

At the end of the day, no matter how many things they’ve chewed or destroyed, furkids will always have a special place in our hearts – even if it means having to deal with fur-coated clothes and ruined furniture for the rest of our lives.

*This article was updated on 26 Jul 2020. It first appeared in on 17 Nov 2016.