No one likes a smelly litter box—your cat included. If you’ve got one that’s stinking up your home, read on to find out our top five tips for managing the foul odours. You’re welcome!

1. Scoop Out The Box Daily
Stale pee and poop might not seem as stinky as when it’s “fresh”, but leaving it there can often cause the stench to spread to the rest of your house. Scoop the clumps of waste out of the litter box daily to minimise odour.

2. Replace Kitty Litter Twice A Week
Sometimes, simply scooping the litter box daily may not be enough as there could be bits and pieces that have been missed. These will accumulate over time and cause bacteria (and hence odour) to build up.

After dumping the soiled litter, wash the box with soap and warm water. Only use non-ammonia-based cleaners as ammonia can worsen the smell. Dry it and place the fresh litter in.

3. Keep In A Well-Ventilated Area  
Many paw-rents keep their kitty’s litter boxes in a secluded spot as it may not fit in with the home decor. However, if kept at an ill-ventilated area, the odour will not be able to diffuse, making the smell ten times worse.

Additionally, such spaces are usually very squeezy as well, which is not good for your cat. Ensure that Puss eliminates comfortably by placing the potty at a spacious and airy spot.

4. Try Different Brands
Sometimes, certain brands work better than others when it comes to keeping odours at bay. Don’t be afraid to test different litter brands to see what works best for you and your feline.

5. Replace The Box Once A Year
Over time, your kitty’s claws and your litter scooper can make small grooves in the bottom and sides of your litter box. These grooves are harder to clean, and can hold onto any remaining waste.

This can cause foul smells too, so when that happens, it may be time to treat your feline to a new one.

*This article was updated on 7 Sept 2020. It first appeared in on 9 Sept 2016.