Animals can definitely respond to music. We’ve all seen viral videos of adorable dogs and cats grooving along to tunes that their paw-rents play, or even demanding for more music once it has stopped.

If human music can evoke such a response in our furry friends, imagine how much they’d appreciate music that have been tailored just for them.

David Teie, a soloist with the US National Symphony Orchestra, teamed up with animal scientists and psychologists to develop an album titled Music For Cats – a series of tracks designed specifically for our feline friends’ enjoyment.

Comforting Music

As cats have a hearing range that vastly differs from our own, the tracks were composed according to frequencies and sounds that are pleasing to them. He recreated sounds that a cat would associate with comfort, such as the sound of a kitten nursing.

Similarly, bird chirping sounds were incorporated into certain fast-paced tracks to uplift and energise felines.

The tracks were also composed with the emotional needs of your feline in mind. For example,  calming tracks in the mix would be engaging and therapeutic for cats that have previously experienced trauma, said Charles Snowdon, an emeritus professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who worked on the project with the composer.

Just Purr-fect

If you’re still dubious as to whether such music works for Puss, think again. An independent study was conducted by the University of Wisconsin, where Music For Cats and classical music were played for 47 cats.

When comparing the cats’ behaviours after both pieces of music were played, the researchers realised that their furry subjects were more content when Music For Cats was played – they purred more, rubbed against the speakers and oriented their heads towards the music.

You and your kitty can listen to a sample of Music For Cats here.

* This article was updated on 10 July 2020. It first appeared in Pets Magazine, 20 Mar 2017.