Pexels | Anna Hinckel

Do you ever wonder just how smart your cat is? Any cat owner will let you know that cats, are craftier than dogs. And while it is very fun to debate for hours on end which species is smarter, there are actually little exercises you can do with your cat to test their IQ. There is no official scientific IQ test for cats, but this is a way to compare your cat’s intelligence level to that of a human.

These fun tests are just a measure of basic IQ and for you to bond with your kitties. In fact, cats have the IQ of a 2- or 3-year-old child. Have fun!



Do this exercise in an uncluttered area where your cat can focus exclusively on you.

Pick up your cat’s favorite toy.

Let your cat get a good long look at the toy and then hide the toy behind a solid item, like a piece of cardboard or a thick piece of paper.

WHAT KITTY DOES Your cat will then probably go looking for the toy behind the piece of cardboard, rather than thinking the toy simply disappeared.

KITTY’S IQ Your cat has at least the intelligence of an 18-month-old toddler.



Pick up a mechanical mouse, making sure it’s in view of your cat.

Place it so it ends up going underneath a piece of furniture, like a chair or refrigerator.

Watch your cat as they watch the mechanical mouse. How your cat behaves is a measure of their intelligence.

WHAT KITTY DOES Your cat will likely watch the movement of the mouse. Does your cat predict with accuracy where the mouse emerges from underneath the piece of furniture?

KITTY’S IQ If so, this confirms that your cat has at least the intelligence of a 2-year-old child.



You can perform this test right around mealtime.

Take an unopened container of food and place it near your cat’s food bowl.

WHAT KITTY DOES Your cat’s response will be a measure of your kitty’s ability to reason and will provide a little bit of insight into their intelligence level. If your cat is very intelligent, they will look at the food and then at you. They will likely continue looking back and forth at you and the container, waiting for you to serve them the food.

KITTY’S IQ Your cat’s intelligence might be a little lower if they ignore the container of food.