Unsplash | Huy Phan

The hot weather is here and it is staying. What's a cat to do but seek out the coolest corner of the bathroom floor?

From semi-friendly outdoor cats on the prowl for shade to indoor cats loafing about—knowing how to keep cats cool is essential to their health. Cats that have any health issues or older cats are very prone to serious health conditions caused by the heat such as dehydration, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke when temperatures rise.

Here are 6 ways to keep indoor kitties cool when temperatures are on the rise:


1 Swap the Water Bowl for a Fountain

Cats are notorious for not drinking enough water. Swap their still water for a cat water fountain. They replicate a natural water source that might entice your kitty. Alternatively, add a splash of sardine water or tuna water to their bowl. Or, encourage your cat to drink from the running bathroom faucet.

H2: 2  Get a Cooling Mat

No air-conditioning? A cooling mat could do the trick.


3  Swap Dry Food for Wet Food

Wet food can pack up to 66 percent more water than dry food, helping to prevent dehydration and keep your cat cool.


4 Brush your cat daily

Matted hair traps heat so give them a daily groom if possible. This is especially important for long-haired cats.


5 Provide Airflow

If you don't have AC, providing airflow for your cat is a must. Open windows and turning on a fan might do the trick on moderately hot days.


 6 Cool Her Paws

Cats have one spot on their bodies where they perspire and cool slightly with the evaporation of sweat—their paws. Ice cubes are a great way for cats to play and keep cool at the same time. Put a few on the floor so they can chase them as they scatter around the floor.


7 Use damp towels to cool down your cat

The warmest part of a cat’s body is their tummies, the pads of their paws, their armpits, under their chin and on the outside of their ears. Although most cats hate getting wet, try dampening a cloth with cold water and gently stroking your cat with it from their head and down their back.


8 Watch out for signs of heat stroke

Symptoms of heat stroke can include agitation, stretching out and breathing rapidly, extreme distress, skin hot to the touch, glazed eyes, vomiting and drooling. If you’re at all worried about your cat, contact your vet immediately.