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Cats are just as fun to train as dogs! Teaching cool cat tricks is not only fun but also benefits your cat’s mental stimulation Cat training is a great way to connect with your cat and bring your relationship with your pet to the next level.

For successful cat training, make sure you have the right tools on hand. Small but flavourful cat treats will help to keep your cat's attention and encourage cooperation.

Remember to reward your cat with treats. Rewarding effectively is all about timing. Having a treat bag ensures you have treats within reach so you can immediately reward your cat for a successful trick. 



Place your kitty in front of you.



Hold a tasty treat in front of your cat at your cat’s shoulder height.



The cat will instinctually stretch out their paw to touch the treat. When your cat’s paw touches your hand, give the feline the treat at the same time you say, ‘high five’. 



Continue to repeat the training session. Your cat will quickly learn that every time he touches your hand with his paw that he gets a treat.

For cats who hate their paws being touched, they may hesitate to make contact. You can consider accepting a hover paw for a high-five. Otherwise, this training can be an effective tool for helping your cat get comfortable with his paws being touched. 


Tips on Cat Training

  1. Put something smelly-good and tasty on your hands.
  2. Use treats to reinforce verbal commands.
  3. Keep training sessions short.
  4. Offer praise when your cat achieves the outcome you want.



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