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This trick is actually the same for dogs as it is for cats. It will take some practice, but this is one of the easiest tricks to teach a cat.

For successful cat training, make sure you have the right tools on hand. Small but flavourful cat treats will help to keep your cat's attention and encourage cooperation.

Remember to reward your cat with treats. Rewarding effectively is all about timing. Having a treat bag ensures you have treats within reach so you can immediately reward your cat for a successful trick. 



Simply grab a small treat, and hold it in front of your cat, close to her face.



Then raise the treat up and back, staying within a few inches of your cat. The natural reaction is for your cat to lift her head.



When you go back far enough, your cat will have to sit or turn to follow the treat. If you keep the treat close enough to her nose, sitting will be the more likely option.



As you draw your hand back, use the sit command.



If your cat sits, reward her immediately. 


With practice, your cat may associate the word sit with the action. Then you can ask for the sit command without using the treat guide. Ask your kitty to sit before meals, before going outside, and even during playtime. 


Tips on Cat Training

  1. Put something smelly-good and tasty on your hands.
  2. Use treats to reinforce verbal commands.
  3. Keep training sessions short.
  4. Offer praise when your cat achieves the outcome you want.



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