About 40 breeds of domestic cats are recognised internationally by cat registries such as the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), which is based in USA. In Singapore, the Singapore Cat Club and the Feline Fanciers Society are the two cat clubs that are recognised by the CFA. These 2 clubs hold their CFA-sanctioned cat championship shows about two times a year for each club. If you would like to see a whole lot of cats from different breeds together in one place, such shows are the best places to go to.

The 40 recognised breeds of domestic cats are also refered to as purebreds in layman's speak. When you are choosing the breed of the cat you are getting, do keep in mind that each of these purebreds have their own requirements in terms of care, grooming and attention required. Each breed also has it unique temperament, although as cats in general, they don't differ by very much. Also, do not forget that the ubiquitous variety of cats in Singapore, which is commonly known as the "local breed" (not to be confused with the CFA-recogised breed "Singapura"), is one of the best candidate for a pet as it is generally more hardy in terms of its health and displays much intelligence, probably due to the good mix of genes from its varied ancestry. The terms "domestic shorthair" and "domestic longhair" also refers to cats that are of no particular breed.

Listed below are some of common & uncommon breeds of domestic cats around the world.

  1. Abyssinian
  2. Australian Mist
  3. American Curl
  4. Bengal
  5. Birman
  6. Brazilian Shorthair
  7. British Shorthair
  8. Burmese
  9. Burmilla
  10. California Spangled Cat
  11. Chartreux
  12. Cornish Rex
  13. Egyptian Mau
  14. Exotic Shorthair
  15. German Rex
  16. Havana Brown
  17. Himalayan / Colorpoint Persian
  18. Japanese Bobtail
  19. Korat
  20. LaPerm
  21. Maine Coon
  22. Manx
  23. Nebelung
  24. Norwegian Forest Cat
  25. Ocicat
  26. Persian
  27. Peterbald
  28. Pixie-bob
  29. Ragdoll
  30. Russian Blue
  31. Savannah
  32. Scottish Fold
  33. Selkirk Rex
  34. Serengeti Cat
  35. Siamese
  36. Singapura
  37. Snowshoe
  38. Sokoke
  39. Sphynx
  40. Turkish Angora
  41. Ukrainian Levkoy