It is well known that cats enjoy sleeping more than their daily activities of hunting, playing and eating. A domesticated cat sleeps for an average of 13 – 16 hours a day and it may possibly be more for outdoor cats. Kittens are growing hence they need more sleep than adult cats. There are several reasons why cats spend most of their time sleeping.

Genetics and diet

Cats are by nature nocturnal predators so it is not surprising for them to be active at night and rest during the day. Should you wish to minimize their nightly activities, try engaging them in games during the evening so they won't be so energetic at night.

The types of food play a part in their lifestyle too. Since cats are carnivores, they get tired more easily.


Cats are light sleepers. Most of the time, you may notice that their eyes are not fully closed, just having a short nap. By nature, cats in the wild must be on alert to survive. They do not go into deep sleep so as to be aware of the surroundings for any threats or predators.


Cats can sleep anywhere. Be it on the table, chair, card boxes, and window ledge. They are particular on the right temperature for their sleeping ground. A hot day will have them lying on the floor tiles instead of the bed. Likewise, a chilly night will see them lazing on the cushion or right in bed with you.