Photo: @teddy.and.luna

For those unfamiliar with what a binky is, it’s basically a dramatic display of happiness in your rabbit. Rabbits will leap into the air, twist their bodies, and even kick their heels back. This little expression of joy is akin to a dance performance by your furry companion.

When your rabbit binkies, it’s trying to tell you that it’s extremely happy and excited. It’s even more endearing when your rabbit binkies several times in a row—you’ll know then that your rabbit is really happy!


Photo: @ranger_rabbit

Rabbits grind their teeth in two situations: When they are happy and when they are in pain. When your little furry friend grinds its teeth while you are petting it, that’s a good sign. Your bunny is telling you that it’s content with your affections.

However if your rabbit begins to grind its teeth loudly and consistently, then it’s trying to convey to you that it’s in pain. This can be confirmed by checking your bunny’s posture. If your rabbit’s body is tensed or hunched and is aggressive, then it’s trying to tell you that it’s hurting somewhere.


Photo: @bunny.hub

Do not be alarmed when you see your rabbit rubbing its chin against objects. It’s not an itch; it’s just your rabbit’s way of saying: “This is mine now, do not touch!” Rabbits have scent glands located on the underside of their chins and often rub their chins against objects to mark their territory. Did your bunny chin your favourite item? Well, it’s not yours anymore!


Photo: @bonnie_bunny.chichillabreed

If your rabbit feels like you’re not giving it enough attention, it might nip you. Rabbits are social creatures and therefore crave communication. If your rabbit nips you, it’s a sign that you’re not playing or spending enough time with it.

If your bunny’s nipping is of disturbance to you, make a loud sound when it nips. This will tell your rabbit that you do not like its behaviour, and eventually, your rabbit will stop. However, you should take this as a sign to play more with your little furry friend!


Photo: @toothlesstheflemishgiant

This is a bit of a contradiction, but if your rabbit is ignoring you, it means that it trusts you. Rabbits are always on alert (and this can be noted by the way their ears twitch and turn) and are always ready to bolt at the slightest sign of danger.

However, if your rabbit is just going about its day—eating, grooming or relaxing in your presence—it’s showing that it trusts you and feels safe in your presence. So don’t feel upset that your rabbit isn’t telling you anything. Something, your bun says it best when it says nothing at all.