A rabbit's diet should consist of pellets, fresh hay, water and fresh vegetables. Pellets should be high in fibre (18% minimum) and should make up less of a rabbit's diet as it grows older. Timothy pellets are a healthier alternative to alfalfa pellets. Avoid feed which contain dried bananas, nuts and seeds. These products are too high in sugar and carbohydrates and can cause digestive problems.

Timothy or other grass hay is ideal as they promote optimum digestive health with its high fibre content. Hay should be available to your rabbit 24 hours a day. A mix of recommended hays provides the healthiest diet for your bunny and can be purchased from many pet shops in Singapore.

As another staple of their diet, the average 6 pound rabbit should eat two or more cups of fresh vegetables a day. Give a variety of vegetables. Look for dark leafy vegetables and root vegetables. Stay away from beans and potatoes. Always remember to wash the vegetables in case of pesticides.