Hamsters do not
require litter box training as they are generally clean animals and quickly develop a good habit of eliminating at the same spots.

However, if you have an errant hamster you can try litter training your hamster with the following steps.

1. Buy a litter box from any pet store. Most specially designed litter boxes for hamsters come with a high back so as to prevent the hamster from spraying pee or dropping poop out of the designated area.

2. Fill the litter box with litter. Litter can be bought from pet stores. There are litters that are specially made for hamsters.

3. Pick up a few hamster droppings and place them inside the litter box. Do the same with some urine-soaked bedding.

4. Keep adding fresh droppings and urine-soaked bedding until your hamster catches on. This may take up to a few weeks.

5. Keep the litter box clean and filled with fresh litter once your hamster begins to use it properly.

*This article was updated on 19 Nov 2020. It first appeared in PetsMagazine.com.sg on 5 Oct 2015.