As a pet hamster owner, you can observe when all is well in the cage or when you might need to mediate a problem. Just the way they interact with each other gives you a clue as to their emotions and various temperament issues.

The following list below includes a few of these hamster behaviours that are generally harmless, but best dealt with before it becomes a bloodied situation.  

Territorial Stance

Most hamsters can live together when they are young, but get more territorial as they get older. Fights can be brutal so it's recommended that owners take extra precaution when housing two or more hamsters together.

Some species like the Winter White Hamsters, are not as territorial as the other dwarf hamsters and can live peacefully in small groups.

The best solution to deal with territorial hamsters is to separate the hamsters as they may fight until the end. Signs of territoriality are marking objects with their sides or bellies.

Also, provide lots of toys and ample space for the hamsters to ensure that they can be otherwise occupied while living in the same enclosed space as another hamster.

On The Run  

While this activity is not a negative activity, excessive running can become problematic in instances where the female hamster is pregnant or has just given birth. Addiction to running on the hamster wheel can cause the female hamster to neglect her babies or her pregnant state.

Additionally, addiction to running on the hamster wheel can give your hamster feet sores. The solution to this is to remove the hamster wheel for a period of time.

The most common issues relating to any odd behaviours are generally not illness-related, sometimes a simple solution can be addressed by providing enrichment or even a larger habitat for these fur-balls.

*This article was updated on 4 Aug 2020. It first appeared in on 5 Oct 2015.