Say hi to Banana Joe, an Affenpinscher who just turned eight last month.  The “monkey-faced” pooch is best known for being the first of his breed to win Best in Show at the 137th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show two years ago. If you’ve fallen in love with this mini Chewbacca, you’re out of luck. They are the rarest of the toy breeds in the world!

Here are five more fun facts about the Affenpinscher.

1. The name “Affenpinscher” literally translates to monkey dog. “Affen” is German for monkey, while “pinscher” means a terrier!

2. This toy dog was likely to be bred for ladies—history shows how they were bred to be smaller and smaller. Today, most of them are only 10 inches tall and eight pounds heavy.

3. These dogs are commonly said to be hypoallergenic, but they still shed their wiry fur and produce dander.

4. Affenpinschers are terriers born to hunt pests. Because of this, they are hostile to rodents and other small animals. There is almost no chance of Affenpinschers being able to peacefully share a home with other small furkids (like hamsters or guinea pigs).

Don’t be fooled by their seemingly innocent and goofy looks. Besides small animals, this breed also does not socialise well with children. They are known to bite and attack when provoked (read: rough hugging or squeezing and grabbing). They do, however, make great companions for families with older children.