The French Bulldog’s popularity is on the rise, and these adorable little guys are often seen trotting next to celebrities or garnering fans on social media pages with their silly antics. With their sweet smiley faces and loving characters, it’s difficult to resist giving them a cuddle – chances are, they’ll approach you for some hugs!

Here are five facts about the French Bulldog:

1. All Ears

There are two styles of ears with the French Bulldog – rose-shaped or bat-shaped ears. While initially having rose-shaped ears similar to the English Bulldog, most French Bulldogs now have bat-shaped ears. Regardless, it doesn’t make any of them less adorable.


2. They Talk Too Much

These pooches are talkative! They may not bark much, but they do love talking, with their yips, grunts, and a variety of other silly noises – many owners have recorded their ‘conversations’ with their own Frenchies, and some may even do a sing-a-long.

3. No Swimming Please

They aren’t water babies. Due to their compact frame, short legs and flatter faces, Frenchies aren’t very good with water. Always keep a safety vest on during pool-time and it’s important to keep an eye out for any signs of distress or fatigue in your pooch.

4. Celebrities Pride

Celebrities love these guys! It’s common to see them in gossip magazines or taking photos with their celebrity owners. Hilary Duff, Lady Gaga, Hugh Jackman, John Legend and Leonardo Dicaprio are amongst the many of famous owners of a French Bulldog.

Photo: @thehughjackman/Instagram

5. All In The Family

If any dog was bred to be a family dog, it’s the Frenchie. They were bred to be companion dogs, so they have affectionate dispositions and often get along well with other animals and humans. Combined with their small size and resistance to barking, these guys are just about the perfect pets.