Tres Chic

While famous through parts of Europe, and rumoured to originate from Germany, the French adored the breed so much that the Poodle was eventually made the national dog of France, and is also known as Caniche, or duck when translated!

Fancy Fro

While the fur of the Poodle is often the classic lion cut, should their fur be allowed to grow without brushing, they will form cords! These long-haired coats are also water-resistant, allowing them to swim better than most pups.

Elvis Endorsed

Elvis Presley himself was a great fan of Poodles. He owned a Poodle named Champagne, who was adopted by him while he was in the army and through his life he would give these dogs to the women in his life.

High Intelligence

The Poodle is an intelligent dog, only coming in second behind the Border Collie – they excel in dog training and as such are often featured in circuses, with their uncanny ability to recognise vocal tones in humans.

Historical Breed 

The Poodle is said to be recognised through the ages, as far back as the 1500s! This hound has been recorded on ancient Greek and Roman coins, and even said to have connections to the royal family, such as Prince Rupert of the Rhine in the 1600s.


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