Paws come in all shapes and sizes – some big, some small, and some that are just a little puffier than others. However, each paw is different and it is special to the type of breed that you have.

There’s a dozen fun facts about Fido’s paws, but we’ve listed the top five most interesting facts that are sure to have you going, “ooh!”

1. Thumbs Up!

Have you ever observed your pup’s paw and notice that he has a thumb? Well, that thumb is known as a dew claw and although this is fairly common in most pooches, not all of them have it!

These dew claws can sometimes appear on your pup’s hind legs as well, and usually have lesser bone and muscle structure as compared to the front ones. 

2. Sweat Glands

Dogs product sweat in places that aren’t covered in fur, such as their noses and paw pads! Just like how we get sweaty palms when nervous or hot, our pooches get sweaty paws too. 

3. Weight Lifting

Contrary to popular belief, our pups rest the majority of their weight on their toes, and not on their heels. This also allows for their claws to get a better grip, especially during a run or when they’re trying to chew on their favourite bone!

4. Are My Paws Fat?

The pads of Fido’s paw consist of mostly fatty tissue, and that explains why his paws don’t get cold whenever he plays or jumps into cold water! Brrr… We wish we could do the same too.

5. Same, But Different

Every breed is different, and while natural-born swimmers such as Labrador Retrievers and Spanish Water Dogs have webbed feet to help them swim better.

Other breeds like the Doberman and Akita have “cat feet” – which are smaller with higher arches to help them excel with endurance. 

*This article was updated on 1 Dec 2020. It first appeared in on 16 Jun 2016.