Welcome to paw-renthood! Bringing home a new member of the family is always a joy, but there are certain things that we as paw-rents need to take note of – even before bringing little puppy home!  

Preparing your home for the arrival of little fella is just like preparing for the arrival of a newborn baby. There a few (or a lot) of adjustments to be made to your home to prevent any unwanted accidents.

Learning The Ropes

The most important thing to take note of is to teach your pup the dos and don’ts from an early age. This includes things that are of complete no-nos to you, such as digging in the trash bin, drinking out from the toilet bowl, or even jumping on the dining table!

Ensure that family members are made aware of certain words and commands to use while training your new pup. For example, the command for getting your pup to sit should be the same word throughout. If mum says, “down” but dad says, “sit”, you’re going to end up with one confused pooch. Be consistent!


If you live in a high rise unit with a balcony, be more cautious when little fella plays around that area. Although pooches aren’t as curious as their feline friends, their adventurous spirits are enough to cause mischief and potential danger. Sadly, there have been cases of puppies slipping through balcony grilles so always keep an eye out, or even better still, mesh the area.

Last but not least, you should always puppy-proof the home. Household items such as detergents and insecticides should be kept out of reach, as playful pups will chew on anything that they can get their paws on! They should not be allowed near dangling electrical cords or tobacco products either.

Oh, and it’ll definitely help to set up a designated pee and poop area so your pup is certain of where to do his business in the future!

*This article was updated on 12 Oct 2020. It first appeared in PetsMagazine.com.sg on  27 Jun 2017.