Photo: C Deluvio | Unsplash

There are two kinds of dogs in this world: the ones that will scurry off to chew their bones, and the ones that bring their bones to you. If your dog is the latter kind, here are some the reasons behind this bizarre habit of his!

“Let’s Play!”
Some pooches love to play fetch and will do so whether it is with a bone or a toy. Certain dog breeds, like Golden Retrievers, Border Collies and Labrador Retrievers, naturally know how to retrieve stuff and bring them back to you, and actually enjoy doing it.

Whether a real or plastic bone, your furkid may feel the need to bring it back to you simply because he wants to play his favourite game.

“Give Me Attention!”
It’s in a dog’s nature to repeat behaviours that have been reinforced with positive feedback. For example, when Fido approaches you with a bone in his mouth, he may have been met with lots of praises and attention.

So as soon as he realises that bringing a bone will result in you showering him with lots of attention, that habit will stick.

“Let’s Share!”
Sharing is caring, right? To show their affection, some pooches share their prized possessions with family members.

Since this is a behaviour harmless and adorable, many paw-rents don’t feel the need to correct it.

“Let Me Chew On You!”
Fido doesn’t always stop at bringing his bone back to you – sometimes, he even lies down and chews his treat while leaning on you!

Congrats, you’re now a convenient chewing pillow: In this case, your pup is most likely taking advantage of your body’s contours to get the perfect angle to most effectively chew his bone.

*This article was updated on 20 Sept 2020. It first appeared in on  1 Aug 2016.