Planning to go on a Pokemon hunting adventure with your dog? Check out our top five tips to stay safe and have fun while doing so.

1. Stay Alert

We totally understand when a Snorlax or Dragonite appears, it can be very hard to stay calm. Even just waiting for Pokemon to appear can be very engrossing.

But with Fido by your side, it’s extra important to pay attention to not just the cars on the road, but also to dangerous little things like Fido picking up trash on the ground or making sudden dashes towards anything distracting.

Only use your phone while stationary to avoid any accidents. If you encounter anything while moving, walk to a safe spot before continuing the game.

2. Plan Your Journey  

Before embarking on your little adventure with Fido, plan ahead and take note of which Pokestops you would like to stop at.

Knowing where you are headed allows you to walk freely without having to check your phone every few seconds. When tracking down a Pokemon, consider your pooch’s needs first! If your pup isn’t capable of walking that far or trekking on certain grounds, it’s best to just let that Charizard go.

3. Avoid Crowds

A Pokestop hotspot that has been planted with lures is probably not the best place to bring Fido. As these places usually attract huge crowds, it might stress your pup out and he could react aggressively out of fear.

Stay on routes that aren’t heavily populated with other trainers—Fido will definitely thank you for that.

4. Stay In Dog-Friendly Places

As Singapore is a multicultural country, not all places welcome the presence of dogs.

In order to remain respectful towards others, avoid bringing your pooch to places where it’s not certified dog-friendly – even if it means giving up on that Dragonair!

5. Question Of Endurance

Do assess your pup’s physical fitness before taking him on your Pokemon adventure. If your pooch has poor stamina or gets easily distracted, it’s best to embark on your journey alone.

BONUS TIP: If you don’t want to hold your phone and stare at the screen the whole time, toggle on the vibration mode in your phone’s sound settings. When a Pokemon appears, it will vibrate to notify you!

*This article was updated on 11 Sept 2020. It first appeared in on 16 Aug 2016.