Your dog’s poop says a lot about his health, and when you’re tasked with picking up his poop every day, it’s only natural to observe how it looks like. If you're unsure of what the stool says about the health of your dog, the Bristol stool chart from Wikipedia may just be of help:

Type 1: This usually indicates constipation in your pooch. Although it is usually nothing drastically serious, it shouldn’t happen often.

Type 2: Your pup may be slightly constipated if there are visible lumps in the poop. You may decide to take this opportunity to express Fido’s anal glands as the poops are hard and firm—making it easier for you to locate the glands.

Type 3: This type of stool is considered healthy and should be seen more often than type two.

Type 4: This usually happens when Fido consumes fruits or vegetables. This could happen every now and then, and would usually firm up by the next day.

Type 5: This type of stool is another variation of type four, and will firm up by the next day.

Type 6 & 7: When Fido’s poop reaches this stage, it could be a sign that he is not feeling too well. He might have consumed something bad (like expired foods or other household items that did not sit well with his tummy), or this could be a result of health issues like parasites or pancreatic problems.

In such situations, reduce Fido’s food intake for the day and keep him hydrated. Should the problem persist for more than two days, take him to the vet for an immediate check-up.

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*This article was updated on 15 Sept 2020. It first appeared in on 19 Aug 2016.