When puppies as young as a day old are first picked up, they usually let out a little yawn. These are actually one of the first few “words” that they speak.

Yawning is also an appeasement gesture for pooches, and is usually done to avoid conflict.

“I’ve had enough.”
In doggy language, a yawn can mean that your pooch is feeling frustrated, and is yawning to calm himself down. This is why paw-rents often notice this dogs yawning during training sessions (it’s not that they’re tired!).

They’re just frustrated! When this happens, you can reduce the intensity or change the approach that you’re taking so that your pup will feel less annoyed.

“I’m stressed!”
A yawn may also indicate stress or anxiety, and your pup may let out a yawn to manage his nervousness.

Of course, there will be times when a yawn is just a yawn. To determine the true cause of your pup’s yawn, you would have to observe the situation that he’s in.

If he yawns while stretched out comfortably on his bed, he’s probably just tired. When in possibly stressful situations, he could be doing so just to avoid conflict.

*This article was updated on 11 Sept 2020. It first appeared in PetsMagazine.com.sg on 24 Aug 2016.