Being a dog paw-rent is not an easy feat. Coming home to flyaway fur and pee- and poop-stained carpets is no joke, especially after a long day at work! Here are five of our top tips to ensure you’ll never have to pull your hair out over Fido again.

1. Use A Carabiner During Walks 
If you have multiple pooches, you’d know that it can be pretty troublesome to have to constantly hold onto two or more separate leashes at one time. Use a giant carabiner (like those easily found at sports shops) to hold onto multiple leashes, making daily walks a total breeze.

2. Baby Powder To Detangle Matted Fur
If your pup has badly matted fur, try dusting on some baby powder on his fur while brushing the tangles out. The powder will help to loosen the mats, and your pooch will be left smelling good too.

3. Remove Urine Stains & Odour With Baking Soda  
We all know how frustrating to find stinky pee on the carpet, but did you know baking soda can help reduce the stench and make cleaning a lot easier?

Immediately after your pup pees, pour baking soda over the spot and let it sit until dry. Not only will it absorb the urine, but it will also neutralise the acids in the urine that cause odour. When dry, simply vacuum or sweep it up.

4. Place A Ball In His Food Bowl
If you’re dealing with a pooch that has a tendency to eat too fast, place a tennis ball into his food bowl. He will be forced to move the ball around while trying to fish for all the kibble, and will not be able to gobble everything up at one go.

5. Make Summertime Treats 
Since it is summer all-year in Singapore, learn to create this easy treat for Fido. Cut up some apples (cubed or julienne-style, it’s all up to you!) and place them into an ice cube tray.

Then, fill the tray with low-sodium chicken broth that doesn’t contain MSG, onion, or garlic powder, and freeze it overnight.

 *This article was updated on 5 Aug 2020. It first appeared in on 28 Sept 2016.